ZanyFit - Training and Pricing
ZanyFit -  Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp
Personal Training
     Adults-  One to One
                  Call or Come by for rate(s). 
     ZanyKidz - 15$ for 45 minutes. 
           Ages 8 - 15 
1.) Buddy ( 2 kidz) 25$ for 45
           2.) Group (3 to 6 kidz) 40$ for 45
Group Training
           Strong Camp for Women starts 
       Wednesday, Jan. 2 to Feb. 8th 2019.
       Five weeks for 21 camp sessions. 
       Time is 6:25 to 7:00 am. Mon., Wed.,
       Fri. and Sat. 35 minutes of Fun!
       The cost is $70 for Training, Nutritional
       Info., Body fat skin fold and 
       Motivation. Call, Come by, email or 
       use the PayPal button. Let’s do this!!
       PAY HERE
ZUMBA & Twerk Fitness
        Is back on Tuesday at
        5:45 pm. Work it with Tressa.
        Cost is 5$.
SilverSneakers FLEX                
Cardio & Strength - Monday 10:30 am.      Core Conditioning - Tuesday  9:45 am.      Cardio & Conditioning - Friday  10:30        am.         
    Enroll and get your SilverSneakers ID        card at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
We don't offer refunds on unused workouts.
        The first workout is always free. 
Come by or Call to schedule the first workout.